Natural Tips For Supple Beautiful Hand

We always focus on our face and overlook other parts of the body. Face and Hands are the symbols of beauty. If we want to have hands whiten and soft we need to take much care of them. Specially girls want to have their hand whiten, soft and good looking. Ensure to take good care of your hands and avoid excessive exposure to the sun. You can care for your hands with simple home remedies.The home remedies found below are easy to locate in your own home kitchen, and will relieve you from some of the discomfort that comes from dry skin.

  Home remedies for silky Soft Hand

(1). Fill the bowl with warm water.Then add trickle of Olive Oil in the water.Just put your hands in the water for 10-12 minutes
Wash your hands to get that oil off.After that you may apply some good kind of lotion on hands.Apply this Home Remedy thrice a week.
(2). Take One tablespoon Glycerine,a cup of Rose-Water and three tablespoon of Lemon Juice. Mix it all equally.Dip your Hand in it at least 10 minutes then massage your hand.
(3). Take some lukewarm milk in a wide bowl_and 2 tablespoon of olive oil and dip your hands in it for 5 minutes. Instead of washing with water, pat them with a dry towel. Apply a moisturizer. Do it regularly. You will soon get rid of rigid and dry skin.
(4). Also, sugar scrub works great for soft hand. You just take normal sugar and mix in olive oil/coconut oil until the sugar is just moist. And add a scent if you want. When you use it u will want to lightly wash it off with soap. It's makes your skin soft and very pretty.
(5). Salt helps to prevent dry skin. After showering, massage salt into your hands, and then pat dry. Salt will help slough off dead skin cells and soften dry hands.
(6). Honey works greater for a plethora of things, including dry hands. Rinse both hands but do not dry them. Then apply honey lavishly all over your hands. Leave your hand at least 5 minutes then wash off your hand with warm water and repeat as many times as necessary.
(7). Try this simple natural remedy for chapped hands: Wash and dry hands thoroughly, then apply vinegar. Put on a pair of soft gloves and leave them on overnight for beautiful fair hand.
(8). Cornstarch is also use full for your hands to make soft and supple hands. Cornstarch can only be used to thicken your gravy, but it's also useful in easing itchy, dry skin. Sprinkle a handful in the bathtub and have a soak.
(9). You can make special hand cream at home too. Just boil two potatoes and mash them up. Add 1-2 tsp of almond oil and glycerin. Make this mixture of light consistency so that it is easy to apply on your hand. Wash it off after one hour with warm water.
(10). Mix cucumber juice with witch coconut water/rose water. This will keep your hands clean and moisturized all the time even if you wash utensils at home.
(11). Take chilled yogurt in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric or haldi to it. Mix it equally. Apply this paste daily for 20 minutes before bathing on your hand. Done this remedy for early result.
(12).Take the pulp of mashed papaya. Try rubbing it on the tanned area. This massage also helps in curing the tanned skin and get soft and supple hand.