Natural Way Yo Get Long Eyelashes

Real beauty of the eye is defined by its lashes. Every woman wants long and strong eyelashes to define their eyes. Eyelashes are a vital part of your eye. They grow from the tips of the eyelids. Long eyelashes make an attractive look. There are many commercial products available in the market for eyelash growth. However, home remedies with simple ingredients may also help your eyelashes grow back thicker and longer.

Home Remedies For Long And Silky Lashes

1. Healthy Food

  • Eating a healthy diet rich in protein and vitamins helps eyelash hair grow. Good foods to help your eyelashes grow include fish, eggs, beans and yogurt. Soy protein is also beneficial for simulating eyelash growth.
2. Olive Oil-Almond Oil

  • Olive oil is a great moisturizer and way of vitamin E as well as almond oil. almond oil has more vitamins and help the mixture spread easily. 
3. Petroleum Jelly 

  • Petroleum jelly applied on your lashes at night and left overnight, can make them grow faster. Avoid it going in eye. You can apply this petroleum jelly on your lashes 3-4 times a week.
4. Lemon Peel

  • Soaking lemon peels for few days in olive or castor oil can also be applied to your lashes for growth. This may take up to a week before you notice the lemon scent in the oil. The lemon-infused oil can then be applied, in the same manner, to the eyelids.
 5Castor Oil-Burdock Oil-Aloe Vera 

  • Mix 1 tea spoon castor oil, 1 tea spoon burdock oil and 1 tea spoon aloe vera gel and add couple of drops of liquid vitamin A and E, then, place this mixture into a clean tube and apply it on your lashes every evening before bed. 
6. Vaseline

  • Brush your lashes with Vaseline using the mascara brush. It may take about five weeks to see a difference. It is the best simple remedy for long and shiny eyelashes.
7. Massage Lashes

  • Massaging the eyelids can stimulate the hair follicles which help to grow stronger eyelashes.
8. Emu Oil

  • Emu oil conditions eyelashes and stimulates longer, thicker lash growth. Use a cotton or tip to dab a small amount of the oil onto your eyelashes to condition the hair and stimulate new hair growth. 
9. Green Tea

  • Make a mixture with green tea and hot water. Green tea mixed in hot water applied on your lashes can help your lashes to grow. Green tea also relaxed your eye.
10. Brush Your lashes

  • This one is the easiest way to make your eyelashes longer. Comb your eyelashes regularly and see the result.
11. Jojoba Oil

  • Jojoba mostly common for making your lash longer. Applying them regularly on your lashes can simply make it work. To see the best result, do it regularly. It will not only enlarge your lashes but also moisturize them.
12. Trim Your Eyelashes

  • Trim the tips of your lashes but not very frequently. By trimming the lashes, their follicles will be stimulated to grow the lashes back.