Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a very common problem and can range in severity from a cosmetic issue to a painful problem. . Fissures are regular linear cut wounds and mostly affect the surface level which comprises of the epidermis. Sometimes it may get deep into the dermis and become painful. Excessive pressure on the feet pads make the feet want to expand sideways.Cracked heels are mainly caused due to dryness and before taking any step to nourish your heels, clearing off the already formed dead skin cells and dry skin is essential. This herbal recipe cools down your digestive system and gets you rid of cracked heels along with other digestion related diseases. It can even heal the cracks in thighs. Yes, some people do get cracks all over their legs due to extreme dry skin, especially in winters. This is one of the best remedies for cracks in skin.We all know how the cracked heels pain and create difficulties in even walking smartly. Causes of cracked heels are dry air, lack of moisture, improper foot care, an unhealthy diet and wearing the wrong types of shoes. Here are simple home remedies that will help soothe and makeover your cracked heels, and let you step out in style.

Natural Scrubs For Crack Heels  
 (1).  Rosewater 

  • The combination of glycerin and rose water makes an effective home treatment for cracked heels. Take 1 tablespoon of glycerin, 1 tablespoon rose water and 1 tablespoon lemon juice and after mixing, apply over your cracked heels. Since this will be a sticky mixture, you can wear a pair of socks and leave on overnight. Wash off with lukewarm water in the morning.
(2). Honey

  • Honey has moisturizing and antibacterial properties. Take one cup of honey into half a bucket of warm water. Soak your feet in the water for 15 to 20 minutes.
(3). Petroleum jelly

  • You can scrub the dead hard dead skin around your feet regularly and then apply some petroleum jelly covering the entire heel area. This will prevent your heels from getting cracks and make it soft and well moisturized.
(4). Tulsi 

  • Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric, tulsi and aloe Vera gel and mix it equal and apply the paste on the heel. This paste will your heel from cracks.
(5). Mustard oil
For quick relief take mustard oil or coconut oil and heat it thoroughly. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature before applying it on your feet. For best result apply this mixture daily on your feet.
(6). Vegetable Oil
Vegetable oil is very simple and effective remedy for cracked heels. After washing your feet and cleaning and drying them up completely, apply a layer of vegetable oil on the cracked parts of your feet.After going your bed you can done this for best and quick result.
(7). Banana
Take a 1 ripe banana and avocado and mash it. Apply this to the cracks of your heel. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. This instantly smooths the dry feet.
(8). Coconut Oil

  •  Mix sugar with olive, coconut, jojoba oil, and scrub your feet with it. It can remove your dead skin and make your feet smooth and soft.
(9). Indian Lilac

Crush a handful of Indian lilac leaves to make a fine paste and add three teaspoons of turmeric powder. Mix it well.Apply the paste on the cracks and leave it on for half an hour.Wash your feet with warm water and dry them with a clean cloth.
(10). Paraffin Wax

  • Mix paraffin wax with mustard oil or coconut oil and heat it until the wax melts thoroughly. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature before applying it on your feet.

(11). Sesame Oil

  • Apply sesame oil on your heels and any cracked parts each night before going to bed. This is a great cracked heels solution for feet.

(12). Vaseline

Take 1 tsp Vaseline and the juice of a lemon. Rub this mixture over your heels and other cracked parts of the foot