How To Do Pedicure at home Natural Things

Feet require their share of daily and weekly attention. Regular foot massages help keep nerve endings stimulated, improve blood circulation, nourish the skin and foot muscles. A good foot soak goes a long way in beating the stress after a long day. So for all those who want to keep their feet healthy, here are some simpler inexpensive methods with which you can give yourself a pedicure at home! You can even make yourself a homemade pedicure kit that is just as effective.

Pedicure at Home

(1). Soak your foot in a basin fill warm water and adding a table spoon of almond or olive oil, plus two lemons cut into half-inch slices enough to cover up to your ankles and add. However if you do not have this you can use any other bath salts you may have on hand.

(2). Take your right foot out of the water and remove any previous nail polish. Then you need to trim and shape your nails. 
(3). After dry you feet and rub some cuticle cream on the base of each toe nail. Leave it for a few minutes. In the meanwhile, using a foot scrub and remove all the dry and dead skin cells. 
(4). Once you are done scrubbing, wash your feet dry and clean and moisturize them. This works wonders for dry feet. Softens, hydrates and protects from cracking. 
(5). After this massage your foot with essential oil. You can choose Almond oil and olive oil 1 table spoon each with 10-12 drops of your favorite essential oil also makes a good home made massage oil for feet. Rub a generous portion into your feet and massage well.
(6). If you have cracks and rough skinny foot. You can also use Vaseline mixed with lime juice, wrap with plastic for 15 minutes. Wear loose cotton socks and tuck yourself in.  
        Here are some awesome foot scrubs for gorgeous foot
* Honey
Honey has moisturizing and antibacterial properties. Take one cup of honey into half a bucket of warm water. Soak your feet in the water for 15 to 20 minutes.
*Lemon foot scrub
You will need a lemon, a table spoon of sugar, a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 20 mint leaves (chopped), essential oil of lemon (3-4 drops). Mix all these things well and your foot scrub is ready.
* Mustard oil_Coconut oil
For Soft foot. Take mustard oil or coconut oil and heat it thoroughly. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature before applying it on your feet. For best result apply this mixture daily on your feet.
* Sugar_Olive Oil_Jojoba oil
 Mix sugar with olive, coconut, jojoba oil, and scrub your feet with it. It can remove your dead skin and make your feet smooth and soft.
* Turmeric_Tulsi_Alor vera 
Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric, tulsi and aloe vera gell and mix it equal and apply the paste on the heel. This paste will your heel from cracks.