Healthy And Yummy Chichen Twister Rolls


  • Chicken Breast Pieces(cut Length)_ 4
  • Roasted Carrots _ 2
  • Cucumber cooked in vinegar
  • Salt _ To taste
  • Black Pepper Powder _ 1 Tea spoon
  • Paprika Powder _ 1 Table spoon
  • Chilli Souce _ 1 Table spoon
  • Ground Corn _ 2 Cups
  • Self Raising Flour _ 4 Table spoon
  • Refined Flour _ 2 Cup
  • salt _ To taste
  • Baking Powder _ Half tea spoon
  • Mayonnaise _ 2 Table spoon
  • Vinegar _ 2 Table spoon
  • Hot sauce _ To taste
  • Tomatoes and Salad Leaves _ as required
  • Oil _ as required

Mix 1 tea spoon Salt,  Black Pepper Powder,  Paprika Powder, Chilli sauce and chilli garlic souse and marinate chicken in it.
Mix Self Raising Flour with corn. Coat chicken pieces with it and place in tray. In a frying pan heat oil and fry chicken until golden. 
Add half teaspoon salt, 2 table spoon oil and baking powder to refined flour; add water and knead. Set aside for a little while.
Roll out 4 thin rotis and cook on griddle. Mix mayonnaise and vinegar to make souce. 
Layer the rotis with mayonaise souce. Place 2 piece of fried chicken, Rosted Carrots, and cucumber, tomatoes and salad leaves hot souce and a little bit of mayonnaise on one side and roll the roti.
Repeat the process to make the remaining twister. Serve delicious twisters with tomatoe kechup and french fries.