Meat pizza

  •  Undercut (cut into long pieces)_1/2 kg
  •  Yogurt_125 grams 
  •  Ginger/garlic paste_2 tea spoon
  • Crushed red chillies_2 tea spoon 
  • Coriander seeds powder_2 tea spoon 
  • Refined flour (sieved)_1 kg
  • Powdered milk _3 table spoon 
  • Yeast_3 tea spoon
  • Sugar_2 table spoon 
  • Eggs_2
  • Tomatoes (chopped)_1 kg
  • Onion     (chopped)_1
  • Ginger paste _2 tea spoon 
  • Oregano_1/2 tea spoon 
  • Cinnamon_2 sticks
  • alt_to taste
  • Soil_as require
  • Cheese_3 slices

  • Add powered milk , yeast ,sugar ,salt ,eggs and 2 tea spoon oil to refined flour .knead warm water and leave it aside for 1/2 an hour rain a warm place.
  • To make tomato sauce put tomatoes ,ginger, oregano,cinnamon onion and 1/2 tea spoon salt in a frying pan and make a thick paste.
  • Heat oil in a separate frying pan ,add undercut pieces ,yogurt ginger/ garlic paste . red chillies coriander powder and salt to taste .cook meat till it becomes tender.
  • Roll out dough into a "roti".place "roti"on a baking tray and place a layer of tomato sauce followed by meat mixture and lostly cheese slices.
  • Place tray in a pre -heated oven at 200 dc cook  for 12 ,minutes ,then  take it out ,cut into slice and serve