Best Tips And Ingredients To Helps You Quit Smoking Naturally

Smoking is more than just a bad habit; it's an addiction. Smoking is estimated to cause one-third of all cancer deaths and one-fourth of the fatal heart attacks in the United States. Cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine, which results in various harmful effects on the body, such as blood pressure, lung cancer, Lower sperm count and other reproductive disorders, especially in men, cardiac problems and many other ailments. The main reasons why people start smoking are Peer Pressure, To be social, As a status symbol, To handle stress or awkward situations, Media influences. Governments try to fight smoking by making policies to raise taxes and the price of cigarettes so fewer people can afford them.  If you quit all of a sudden, you may experience withdrawal symptoms, leaving you frustrated, anxious, angry and unable to focus. Coughing, insomnia, headaches, and an increased appetite are also part of the symptoms you may experience immediately you drop off smoking. Who are truly addicted, real help to break the addiction is needed. Herbs, natural ingredients and support groups can help people quit smoking naturally. There are many home remedies quit smoking that can help you with withdraw symptoms.

Home remedies to quit smoking

1. Water

Drinking plenty of water is the ultimate remedy to treat the habit of smoking. Water will help in detoxifying the body.

1.  Grape Seed 

Grape seeds are best ingredient for repairing lungs damage.

3.  Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant needed to repair cell damage cause by smoke.

4.  Vitamin C

Smokers be supposed to take about one-and-a-half times the amount of vitamin C as compare to nonsmokers. Citrus fruits, like oranges, grapefruits and their juice are good source of vitamin C.

5. Ginger 

Ginger and lobelia prevent nausea and helps quitting reduces anxiety ginger produces perspiration which helps to shed toxins generated from smoking. Eat ginger chew candies.

6.  Licorice (Mulethi)

Chew licorice (mulethi). It is a good alternate of cigarette when you feel like smoking. Its slight sweet taste also helps killing your urge.

7.  Herbal Cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes can replace regular cigarettes and help break the addiction.

8.  Turmeric 

Use of turmeric is truly help to reduce your smoking habit.

9.  Lobelia 

This herb has been promoted to help people fight the effects of nicotine withdrawal and is found in many anti-smoking products. Chewing a licorice stick whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

10.  Oats

Oats are a heart healthy food that is high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and folate. Oats can also directly help smokers quit. An extract derived from green oats can ease withdrawal symptoms and help to decrease cigarette cravings.

11.  Ginseng

Add a teaspoon of ginseng powder in your dinner to help reduce the craving for smoking.

12.  Honey

Honey contains beneficial vitamins, enzymes and proteins, which help in giving up the habit of smoking with ease.

13.  Radish

Mix fresh grated radish with 2 teaspoon of honey and drink it as a juice. This is a good home mixture to quit smoking.

14.  Orange Juice

Orange juice is acidic in nature and the first step in quitting smoking is to eliminate the nicotine from the body. Drinking orange juice twice a day will be useful. This is also efficient natural remedy to quit smoking.

15.  Baking Soda and Water

Mix 1 table spoons of baking soda with a glass of water. Drink this with every meal and it should cure the habit.

16.  Healthy Diet

Eat regular, healthy meals. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.  A diet that contains all the useful nutrients is necessary to keep you in tip-top shape and also help you cope with the challenges of nicotine withdrawal.

17.  Exercise

 Regular physical activity has been found to reduce withdrawal symptoms and help people stop smoking.