Yummy And Healthy Sheer Khurma


  • Milk_1 kg
  • Dired dates _8
  • Pistachios _15
  • Cloves _4
  • Clarified _2 table spoon
  • Vermicelli_1 cup
  • Almonds _12
  • Green cardamoms_6
  • Sugar _2 cup


  • Crush the vermicelli .remove skins from almonds and pistachios and cut finely.crush green cardamoms.
  • De-seed dried dates and cut into 4 pieces each. 
  • Heat clarified butter in a pat fry cloves and cardamoms.
  • When they give off aroma , add vermicelli and fry for a few seconds add dry fruits and remove after frying. 
  • Cook milk and sugar together in a pot. 
  • Add vermicelli and dry fruit when the sugar is completely dissolved. 
  • Remove from flame after cooking for a few minutes.