3 Day Diet Plan Chart For Weight Loss

The 3 Day Diet should only be followed for three days at a time. If you wish to use the diet for a few weeks, we would advise that you follow a three days on, three days off rota.Many people adopt the diet to try and achieve short-term weight loss. However, unfortunately most people simply gain the weight back again once .There have been a lot of copycats and people posting similar articles with alterations - just enough to call it their own. While some changes may be minor, a few of them may change the entire chemistry of this diet and affect results. Some of the advice given on the articles or websites are contradictory to the original plan and may set you up for failure. This plan is the the original! I even named this diet! So, if you have found this site, you can be assured that this is the real deal, the true and original, Three Day, Military Diet! One thing is clear: You won’t be eating much. On Day 1, you get just 870 calories. Days 2 and 3 aren’t much different.


  3 Days For Diet Plan

                                                       1st day
Break fast
  • Coffee or tea without milk and sugar 
  • Grap fruit----------------------- 1
  • bread--------------------1 slice
  • with peanut butter -----------------1 table spoon
  • 1/2 fish with 1 bread slice
  • Tea or coffee without milk and sugar

  • Chicken --------------75 gram 
  • Green beans ---------------1 cup
  • Carrots 1 cup and 1 apple vanilla ice cream.

                                                      2nd day
Break fast

  • Coffee or tea without milk an sugar 
  • biscuits----------5
  • Apple-----------------1


  • Coffee or tea without sugar and milk 
  • Boiled egg-------------1 
  • Bread slice------------1


  • Fish ----------1 Slice 
  • Carrots------------1Cup
  • Cabbage ------------1 Cup
  • Melon------------1 Cup 
  • Vanilla ice cream------1 Cup

                                                   3rd day
Break fast

  • Coffee or tea without sugar and milk 


  • Boiled egg--------1

1 cup --------Fish
1 -------------Bread slice,
1 cup ---------------Carrots,
1 cup  ---------------Cabbage,
5 ---------------Biscuits ,
25 gram------------------- Cheese
1 cup------------------------ Melon,
1 --------------------------Apple,
1------------------- Vanilla ice cream.