Best Tips For Fitness With Yoga

The Yoga Express sequence is specifically designed to provide the benefits of a 90-minute yoga class but in less time. Based upon the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, Yoga Express invites the student to explore and increase the strength and flexibility within their own bodies through a series of postures and athletic movements.Yoga is very important to stay fit, not just bodily, but also mentally and emotionally. It’s very difficult to find peace of mind in today’s world. People are so busy from morning to evening that they can’t even spare 5 minutes for themselves. Yoga, on the other hand, offers a perfectly balanced life. It improves your health, solves your mental tensions and gives you a healthy mind and stable life.Yoga poses helps in sculpting, molding, and toning your body, especially the lower part, using just your body weight. The various yoga poses also help in strengthening your muscles moves and stretch, elongate your muscles besides toning them. Calories will also be burned doing yoga. It is said that our hips are the largest muscle group. So when need to tone them, our metabolism also needs to be worked upon and this is possible through Yoga.

Best Tips For Fitness With Yoga  

1. Dancing Shiva

  • Dancing Shiva Well, in this pose, you support yourself with one bent leg and one bent leg high up in the air. This pose will activate the muscles of the supporting leg and the raised leg. This yoga pose is also good for the triceps.
2. Shirshasana 

Place a yoga mat on the floor. Beginners may use a few stacks of blanket or anything that is a bit soft and will give proper support to your head.Sit on the floor in kneel-down position. Remember your teachers punishing you asking you to kneel down. Keep your spine straight and keep your hands on your knees. Take a few normal breaths and relax.
3. Peace of Mind

  • We all go to hill stations and spots, adorned with natural beauty and serenity, to find peace. But, we forget that peace is right within us. What we need to do is to experience the inner peace. Yoga can help in exploring the inner world and find inner peace.
4. Plough Pose
Fold two blankets into firm rectangles about one to two feet across. Lie down with your shoulders on the blankets. Bend your knees up and bring your arms parallel to your sides. On an exhale, push your knees off the floor and bring your hands to your mid-back, just above your waist. Once your body is supported, straighten your legs and allow them to fall back over your head. Your toes will touch the floor behind you. Keep your neck long. Remain in the pose for one to five minutes, then roll back down on an exhale.

5. Shavasana 

  • Lie down straight on the floor with your eyes closed.Relax thoroughly and throw out all negative thoughts and tension, be it your office pressure or any disturbance in your family. Think good and positive.Now, stand up straight and firm with your legs apart. Cover your face with your hands and take 10 quick breaths.Rub the skin on your eyes, forehead and face. Again take 10 quick breaths. Then rub entire face with your fingers. Breathe properly at the count of 10.
6. Surya Namaskar

  • The mother of all yoga asanas. Surya Namaskar involves 12 postures. (Link back to surya namaskar)This yoga poses de-stresses, removes toxins and is a great relaxation exercise. So you can obviously expect your skin to glow if you practice this regularly.
7. Bridge Pose

  • Bridge Pose Another popular yoga pose. Lie on your back. Let your feet and hip wide apart. Press your feet and lift your hips. This is wonderful pose that burn calories and also relaxes your body. It engages your butts and core muscles. Hold in that position for 5-8 breaths. And then repeat.
8. Seated Forward Bend Pose

  • Sit on the floor and inhaling stretch your legs in front of you.Keep your knees firm and ensure that you don’t bend them while doing the asanaExhaling bend forward, hold your toes and try to touch your forehead to your kneesMaintain the pose for 10 seconds Inhaling return to the starting position
9. Dhanurasana

  • Lie down on your belly with hands by your side with palms facing upwards.Bend your knees to bring the heels near your buttocks.Now take your hands back and grasp your ankles. Rest your body weight on your abdomen.Now pull your ankles more with your hands. As your pull your ankles more, your upper torso automatically rises.  And now your body looks like a bow.Keep your breathing normal.