Home Remedies For Increase Butt Size Naturally

The butt or buttocks is a combination of muscles at the bottom of the human figure that can be reshaped and firmed according to one’s inclination.  The buttocks are made up of three different muscles called the glutes.  If you spend most of your time sitting on these muscles, you will find that it begins to lose its shape, especially if your buttocks is relatively large.  You might wish to enhance your butt if you have a small one which is not as attractive as you want it to be, and naturally, you start looking for ways that’ll help get a bigger butt. To give your buttocks a boast, choosing the right pants to wear, performing specific exercises or use butt enhancing creams could help make your butt noticeably bigger. Check the following steps to make your dream of bigger butt come true.Here at truly booty we advocate exercise (among other ways) as the best natural and effective way of truly increasing the size of your booty.Basically through exercise, there are two ways in which the buttocks grows.

1. Leg Raise

  • Lie flat on your back with your legs together.  Fold your legs and raise them, keeping the toes pointed.   Straighten the legs, with the toes pointed toward the ceiling. Then slowly lower your legs down to an inch off the ground.

2. Flutter Kicks

  • Lie flat on a yoga mattress with your legs and even your hips. Raise your legs from the level of the ground keeping them parallel to the floor. Begin exercise by lifting left leg and putting right down, then lifting right leg and putting left down. Alternatively lift and lower both your legs. This is an easy exercise which involves fluttering of your legs. You can rest after you get exhausted. To intensify this exercise, you can add up weight on your ankles.

3. Bridging The buttocks

  • Lie prone face down with your knees and your arms supporting your body.  Lift your buttocks towards the ceiling and then lower it.

4. Walking Lunges

  • Walking lunges focus on the butt more efficiently as compared to other lunges due to the fact that more extension of hip is involved. Carry dumbbells in hands keeping them by your side (not more than 5lb if you are a beginner). Take a big step in forward direction. While keeping your trunk straight, lower the knee of the foot at the back to reach the floor. The front foot makes 90 degree angle. Before the back foot reaches the ground, swing it off to bring it to meet the front foot. Repeat these steps with alternate foot each time.

5. Do Kick Backs

  • Stand on one leg. With the leg that is free off the ground, kick it back until you see your butt squeeze into a bubble. Repeat 10 times and switch. To add resistance, use ankle weights.

6. Squats

  • Position a barbell at the upper part of the back the shoulders or simply carry dumbbells in your hands. Positioning your legs as apart as you shoulders, crouch down pushing your buttocks back and keeping your knees bent. Maintain the back in a straight position and your head looking up when you squat. Bend your knees at 90 degrees, stay for 10 seconds, then repeat.

7. Vegetables

  • Vegetables contain tons of anti-oxidants, nutrients and other goodies that are essential for a growing booty. You can typically eat as much of these as you want without fear.