Home Remedies For Reduce Weight Gain During Your Period

Many women suffer from a wide variety of symptoms when they are on their period, including cramping, bloating, feeling irritable, headaches and more. The good news is that the weight you gain during your period will often vanish just as quickly as it appeared. Treating weight gain during your period can be as simple as a few lifestyle changes.During the menstrual cycle or just before the onset of the menstrual cycle, the body undergoes several metabolic changes. There are changes in the woman’s appetite and food intake, which may cause her to crave for comfort foods. This could lead to a temporary weight gain during menstruation.There are remedies that can be taken to alleviate this or attempt to prevent it. You might be surprised to know that this excessive water retention is felt not only in the abdomen but also in the thighs, upper legs, face and breasts.

Reduce Weight Gain During Your Period

1. Chaste berry

  • Chaste berry is an herb that helps with relieving water retention. This herb also increases the production of progesterone and therefore will decrease the amount of estrogen in the system. In this way, chaste berry can bring about a hormonal balance that will eliminate period water retention.

2. Exercise

  • Diet and exercise can reduce excess fluid.Being physically active during your period helps reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Exercising also relieves stress, prevents depression, and reduces your appetite. Severe cramps may be limiting, but these can be reduced by doing some simple stretching such as those used in yoga or tai chi. Swimming is another good exercise, which increases metabolism without overexertion.

3. Soda

  • Drink Water Instead of Soda. Remember that sodas have high levels of sodium and carbonation, both of which can make you retain water. Drink more water instead of soda, and the water will pass through you instead of being held back in your cells.

4. Water

  • Drinking more water also actually helps to reduce fluid retention during your period too, even if it seems counter-productive. If you are dehydrated, your body retains water as self-protection as it doesn’t know where the next glass may come from and hence fluid retention can build-up.

5. Zinc

  • Zinc is great for limiting weight gain during your monthly cycle.  It can regulate your hormone levels a bit.  So, you're likely to have milder symptoms, in general.  That could mean gaining less weight, having less cramps and even having fewer aches and pains.

6. Cranberry Juice

  • Drink a couple of glasses of cranberry juice daily. Not only does this juice help to keep your bladder healthy, but cranberries are also known to act as natural diuretics. They help to eliminate excess water retention from the body.

7. Coconut Oil

  • If you really need hormone help, aim to consume 1/4 cup of added coconut oil a day. My favorite way is to blend into coffee or tea. This is the highest quality one I’ve found.

 8. Raspberry

  • Raspberry leaf or jasmine flavored green tea work wonders in calming the body and mind.

9. Sleep

  • Use these tips to help improve your sleep and just do it! This can single handedly improve hormones and is even linked to longer life, less chance of disease and optimizing weight.

10. Practice Yoga

  • If you have not tried yoga, it can be a great way to get active and control the weight gain during your period. Many practitioners recommend that you avoid inversion poses such as shoulder stands during your period, but most will tell you to let your body be your guide. The important point is to keep moving.