Home Remedies For Sweaty Smelly Underarms

Dark color in the underarm area is not a disease. It is the skin’s response to the exposure to certain elements that are similar to suntain which results from the complete exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun. When your underarms are wet with sweat, dust and bacteria make things worse. Firstly, the odour becomes a problem and then the itching sensation starts giving trouble. Of course, it is better to shave your arm pits to solve the problem up to an extent. In women, there are some additional factors also. The menstrual cycle and stress increases the chances of body odor. Yeast can convert sugar into alcohol very fast within the body and produces a beer like smell. Poor hygienic conditions, infections, dirty clothes are some of the reasons for bad body odor. Hairs on underarms other areas more prone to sweating causes blockage for good ventilation and keeps the bacteria hiding. You need something that really works for you. Read this article to eliminate the underarm odor and build confidence.

Sweaty Smelly Underarms

1.Baking soda

  • Mix one tablespoon each of baking soda and lemon juice. Apply it to your underarms and other body parts where you sweat excessively. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and wash it off with water; do not scrub. Then take a shower or bath. Do this once daily for a few weeks.


  • Add one-half cup of dried rosemary leaves to four cups of hot water. Allow it to steep for 10 minutes, and then add it to your bath water. Soak in this bath water for 15 to 20 minutes. Pat dry your skin. Follow this remedy once daily to smell nice throughout the day.Alternatively, mix eight to 10 drops of rosemary essential oil in one ounce of water and apply it under your arms as a deodorant.


  • Cut the turnip into pieces and then crush them to make a paste out of it.Place the turnip paste into the sieve and press to get its juice.Apply this turnip juice to your underarms and groin area.

4.Tomato juice

  •  Tomato juice Put 3-4 cups of tomato juice in your bath tub. Be soaked in the tomato juice and water in the bath tub for 15 minutes. It is very helpful in keeping a check on bad body odor.

5.Black Tea 

  • Black Tea If you wish to reduce the production of sweat in your underarms, try this remedy. Boil some black tea and allow it to cool. Use a wash cloth as compress and place the black tea under both arm pits for a few minutes. Repeat this for 10-15 days. You will observe less sweat production.

6.Turmeric Powder 

  • Take lemon juice (freshly squeezed gives best results) and add turmeric powder, yogurt or honey to the lemon juice.Mix it well to make it like a smooth paste and apply this to the dark underarms thoroughly.Massage it for few seconds and then leave it like that for about 10 minutes Now wash it off with water and pat dry the area.Apply moisturizer, if necessary and regular application of this lemon paste on the dark underarms will give effective results in whitening them.

7.Tea Tree Oil 

  • Add two drops of tea tree oil to one ounce (two tablespoons) of water.Pour the solution into a spray bottle and use it as a deodorant.


  • Or else, squeeze out some juice from 1-2 fresh lemons. Apply it directly under your arms to remove bad smell and darkness.Alternatively, pour some lemon juice on a clean towel and rub it gently on your armpits after taking bath.Add some lemon juice in a cup of water. Use it as a natural spray or deodorant under your arms.

9.Wheat grass Juice 

  • You can also take wheat grass juice. At the beginning, add two tablespoons of wheat grass juice in ¾ cup of water. Stir it well and drink it. With the passage of time, increase the quantity of juice.


  • Lettuce is one of the excellent herbal remedies for preventing underarms odor. Crush some lettuce leaves to extract the juice. Rub it directly on your armpits. For the best results, apply it after taking bath. You can store the lettuce juice in the refrigerator.