Home Remedies For Best And Effective Ways To Prevent White Hair

Home remedies for white hair methods will prevent white hair from growing back. This is, however, not going to be uniform across your entire scalp.Even if you convert all of the white hairs back to your natural color, the aging process will always allow new white hairs to form. There is nothing you can do to prevent white hair from ever growing in for good. There is, however, ways that you can continually fight off white hair from taking over your scalp. If you keep up with the methods that we discussed above (and find out which works best for you), it is very realistic to expect to be able to prevent white hair from growing in over the long term.
Effective Ways To Prevent White Hair
(1). Henna

  • add 3 tablespoons henna leaves of gooseberry powder, one tablespoon of coffee powder and also mix plain yogurt. Apply this pack 2-3 times in a week and will for four weeks to see the darken hair.

(2). Sesame oil 

  • Mix sesame oil, carrot juice and fenugreek seeds powder in a clear bottle, jar, bowl or any other container Keep the mixture in sun for 21 days. Apply the resultant oil mixture after 21 days on your scalp and hair.Use this for at least 3 months.

 (3). black tea 

  •  2 teaspoons of black tea in a one cup water, then add a teaspoon of salt and let them alone for cooling. Then apply it to your hair before 20 minutes of washing with mild shampoo. Try to apply this process twice a week.

(4). Lemon juice and Almond oil

  • Mix almond oil with lemon juice and apply it on hair using your fingertips. This will retard the process of graying of hair.

(5).bhringaraj oil 

  • Mix one teaspoon of bhringaraj oil and one teaspoon of amla oil; mix well. Gently massage on your scalp and hair roots before sleeping. It is perfect combination to get rid from graying of hair.

(6). Avocado and white egg

  • A mixture of 1/2 avocado and 2 egg whites is enough to eliminate grey hair growth completely over enough time. The fats and proteins contained in the mixture will provide the hair follicles with what they need to retain their color. Leave the mixture in your hair for 15 minutes and apply it once per week to see the best results.Repeat the procedure once a week to see better results.

 (7). Dried ribbed gourd pieces

  • half a cup Coconut oil- 1 cup take the pieces of ridge gourd and dry them out in shade.Soak the dried pieces in coconut oil for about 3-4 days.Now boil the coconut oil along with soaked pieces of dried ribbed gourd.Boil it on low flame till the oil gets darkened, black in color.Strain and store.Use this oil to massage your scalp, at least twice a week.

(8). Curry leaves 

  • Mix curry leaves juice and buttermilk.Boil the mixture on low flame for 5 minutes.Let it cool to become lukewarm.Apply this lukewarm buttermilk-curry leaves juice mixture on your scalp.Leave for half an hour.Wash hair with lukewarm water

(9). gooseberry 

  • Crush the Indian gooseberry into a smooth pulp.Mix the Indian gooseberry with the hibiscus juice.Apply this as a rinse to your hair regularly Amla powder- 2 tsp (see the recipe below to know how to get powder out of gooseberry) Fenugreek powder (optional)- 1 tsp Coconut oil- 1 cup  Directions.To make amla powder, take gooseberries pieces and dry them in shade. Once they dry completely, grind them to get their powder

(11). Carrot Seed Oil and Sesame Oil

  • Want to get rid of early age white Hair use Carrot seed oil and Sesame oil Carrots and sesame oil applied daily will be able to reverse the effects of white hair. You can extract the nutrients in the seeds of each by boiling them in coconut oil and applying it to your scalp and hair for several hours at a time.